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Closed 1st May – 1st September

Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one!

Nestled in an untouched paradise called Diamond Harbour in Banks Peninsula, 45 mins from Christchurch-overlooking the ocean – you will find our hidden gem of a wellness retreat
and day spa.

You can learn from a teacher, course or book, or you can learn from life experience and then be given your map home to your own unique wisdom. At Shunyata, we focus on true wellness with meditation, mindfulness, spiritual direction, massage therapy, yoga and nature where you will find the healing retreat NZ -home to wellness in body and soul. Clients come to me feeling stuck or trapped asking themselves if there is more to life than this Many are lacking clarity, frustration & unhappiness in their relationships Some feel depressed, hurt and shut down and don’t know how to forgive and let go but can’t do it alone Others are simply overwhelmed and burnt out & exhausted? and some diagnosed with an illness and want to deal with it naturally, body, mind and soul.

Most people are sick of online therapy, being one in a huge group, trying to shift a block or issue only to not get to the core.

The beautiful thing about life is no matter what happened to you in the past, you can always begin again

Are you going through it right now!

Have you lost your job, feeling lost, really don’t know what next?

Have you ever asked yourself who are you really?

Do you know that your soul is calling you to do something deeper?

Do you realise that the deepest pain you are experiencing can be transformed into the deepest gift you have for the world?

Maybe this time in history is the time for you to truly go inside and find out who you truly are – as a great group of us are doing right now – awakening!

If 95% of our behaviors are unconscious and running our life through our mind and our conditioning from our parents that cause the most suffering in our lives, and the mind is full of fear, doubt and suffering – don’t you think there is a lot of sabotage going on in your life.What do we do- we blame the outside – we say we will never be like our father, or our mother and yet we are running that same programme!

There is a way out – that doesn’t need to last a lifetime -Paru’s work over the last 30 years has found a gateway home – back to the true self, to the essence of who you truly are and it can be done in just a day or 3 days or more.

How can you explain the unexplainable – the purest form of you.

It works, it works, it works

The most painful tears are not ones that fall from your eyes. They’re the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul

View Our Range of Services

Emotional Healing

Are you ready to embrace yourself as the master of your own life as you go through a major life transition!

Couples Counselling

Most relationships lose their spark! Don’t you think that yours is worth lighting the fire of passion again into vibrant loving?

Detox & Weight Loss

Most people think you go hungry when you detox and need inspiration to start! Come do it the ayurvedic way.

Day Spa

Do you only have a day but want to make it unforgettable? Come and be pampered in a unique peaceful environment.

Testimonials from Happy Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa clients

It was a wonderful experience at Shunyata. Paru gives 110% and is a very wise and charismatic woman. I did the detox/liver cleanse and found that my mind was also ‘detoxed’ whilst spending time with Paru. Paru’s passion and skill of passing on the best of what she has discovered on her own journey is very evident.

I highly recommend this unique experience, particularly in a world where time is money. It is completely the opposite at Shunyata and you leave feeling lighter in body and spirit. Do it!

Catherine Bos

My retreat with Paru at Shunyata in Diamond Harbour was amazing! Paru gave me so much knowledge about myself that I can not thank her enough. I am a mother of 3 little kids and to have the opportunity to spend some “me” time in the company of Paru was absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it. The place is magnificent, the food divine and the views breathtaking. I recommend it to anyone that wants to discover who they really are, what gifts they got to give the world and to start enjoying life to the full. I love you Paru! Thank you, my friend.

Gabi Michael


Who can benefit from Shunyata?
Anyone who suffers a physical or emotional issue and who truly want to move out of victimhood and pain and wants to break through into exploring their highest potential and have a desire to be free.
What is The Journey/Enneagram Process?

After establishing your unconscious pattern, which could be the root cause for your condition, then we go on a guided meditation that uncovers a memory that caused that block through your own body wisdom

What If I feel it won’t work for me?
There are 3 parts to the journey and many different processes and with 30 years experience and passion for this work, no-one fails, and if you are not satisfied after the first session many people
benefit with 2-3 sessions for some deeper issues. The Journey process never brings up more than you are ready to deal with at any given time.
I Can’t Feel my emotions or my emotions overwhelm me?
This is normal and Paru with the help of the enneagram, helps you uncover what is in the core of the emotions which is not scary, but highly liberating and self-empowering and leaves you with a deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing. EQ – emotional intelligence should be taught in schools.

Make this year your best one yet as you reset your body’s natural systems in an away-from-it-all sanctuary that will leave you fully recharged and renewed – the best Health, Wellness, Detox & Couples Retreat & Day Spa in New Zealand

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