So, you are going through some relationship issues. Well, it hurts and leaves you disturbed and stressed. And if you want to return to your true love, we suggest attending a couples counselling retreat in Christchurch! It gives you a chance to know your partner better and improves the emotional connection between you two, so your relationship can be relived! 

But if you have never heard of such a retreat or tried it, you may wonder how it can help you with your relationship problems. Well, at Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa, we provide couples retreats and help you ideate about it. 

Couples Counseling

What is a Couples Counseling Retreat and Reasons for Attending It?

Generally, a couples retreat comes with an opportunity for a unique vacation package that includes couple counselling. For example, we provide a couples counselling retreat in Christchurch and ensure you and your partner become lifelong friends after getting over your relationship problems. Such retreats take place in a cozy setting, where you and your spouse can leave all your stress and hassles of life behind and pay attention to each other and your relationship. 

And as relationships are the key to opening your heart and boosting your immune system, you feel puzzled when it does not work! From our service at Shunyata, many couples explore ways to make their relationships work. 

Actually, at a couples counselling retreat, we deal with minds individually. Here, Paru helps you clear all the blocks and beliefs of your mind from childhood. Then, you can feel the wholeness, empathy and compassion required to meet your partner. But if your mind is full of doubts, fear, and judgement, or you betray yourself, this will never work!

The best thing about attending this retreat is it is an opportunity to improve your relationship while enjoying a romantic vacation. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to ensure that and see our location images. 

Couples Counseling

Now, a question may be striking your mind: “How Does the Counseling Process in a Couples Retreat Help You Better Your Relationship?” 

Attending a couples counselling retreat helps you understand a conscious relationship where you both feel committed to each other and your relationship growth. You will be more aware of your habits, thoughts, and decision-making being responsible without blaming each other. Also, in a couples retreat, you will discover that love is more than romantic love. 

Wrapping Up

Generally, you have a lot on your plate, from the responsibility of home and kids to the office. Even if you get time with each other, you feel a gallop and worry about other things. But coming to a couples counselling retreat in Christchurch allows you more time together without any distractions. Yet, you feel closer again!

Contrarily, a retreat is a chance to explore new places in the middle of an ocean where you catch up and have food while enjoying the surroundings. It takes you to a depth of unimaginable intimacy and makes you open up to each other. It will help you identify and clarify the problems. 

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