When I discovered that anything can be healed back 35 years ago in an ashram in India -who would know where my life’s journey would take me!
Well having just returned from an incredible trip in Europe,sailing on a catamaran, my contribution to the gratefulness I was feeling was to give at least 30 sessions of cranio to everyone and sure enough – knew my purpose in life.
This creme de la creme of body work takes you into the deepest relaxation of your nervous system, bringing clarity and peace to a busy mind and when the mind is quiet, the truth is revealed.
If you are up to date with healing, most of us know that all healing has to come from the body,embodiement, otherwise it won’t work, and what I discovered on this trip, you can’t find a better embodiement.

Of course everyone is different, but the worst that can happen if nothing else, is you come off deeply relaxed. This bodywork is offered in all day spas and retreats so book your sublime experience now
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