You have heard of the person who has eaten well and jogged all his life and drops dead

Best Wellness Retreat NZ

Wellness is far from a fad. It’s here to stay —now more than ever. Holistically,wellness starts from the point of view that all small parts make a healthy ‘whole’.Coming to a retreat to do a little yoga and meditation and some activities will not address true wellness – we have to look at the overall health and wellness of the individual  physically, mentally and from a soul prospective.and what is No same glove fits all – so one on one healing is paramount.  What unconcious behaviours are running that person,  the enneagram where did it first start,  childhood trauma what is stopping them really living a FULL LIFE.

At Shunyata wellness retreat  we address all of them, after 18 years of operation – Paru has travelled the world and searched high and low to offer the best. She has also been there herself with them so she comes from that knowing inside what truly works. Starting with Ayurveda, one of the most ancient traditions focusing on body mind and spirit.Emotional wellbeing – what is behind epigentics
 the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work,that even the medical field are recognising and how important it is to meet unmet emotions being mainly sadness, grief and anger and to clear childhood trauma, as per Gabor Mate.

Wellness Retreat NZ

The following Components are crucial in wholeness and wellness.

1. Physical body – you need to have movement, yoga, stretches and right fuel for your body and immune, low sugar, less carbs and moderate protein and lots of greens for alkalinity.

2. Energy Body – needing meditation to awaken your chakras, your kundalini and your prana energy and lifeforce.

3. Emotional Body – how to deal with your feelings, your perception and connection to feeling love and connected and whole. Emotional intelligence is our specialty with the enneagram and the journey method.

4. Wisdom – Shed the ignorance of the mind, negative beliefs & thoughts and bring in right teachings to nourish the soul and body. Bring unconcious behaviours into consciousness with the enneagram.

5. Karma – storage of past karmic actions, we need to learn from our past mistakes.Clear out childhood trauma and past lives. The hero’s Journey.

6. Bliss Body – When we awaken our consciouness we activate bliss states which will heal disease. You meet your true self, your essence with the journey method.

The Journey Method NZ

 Paru trusts the bigger picture of 2020 -Greed, fear, manipulation and control are being exposed right now and brought to a head what is not right and the planet is being prepared for a new beginning.Doing this work on your soul, your wellness and wholeness is crucial at this time ifyou want to join a growing number of conscious people into a new way of BEING.  She invites you home to your true self where bliss and freedom is the ULTIMATE HAPINESS

Recent comment from a client who just came for a day spa
“You have no idea the impact you had on me emotionally – I haven’t felt this way for months
as I was so disconnected”

You can come for a day Ultimate Healing Day,3 days Emotional healing retreat,3 or 5 days Couples Return to Love retreat,or a 5 day or more  Ayurveda Detox & and Weight Loss retreat

but we can also tailor one specially based on your needs – the beauty of one on one healing.

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