Life sometimes closes the door on our true selves – would you love to open that door again to come home to your true self and start over even a better version of yourself – on purpose living your unique gift in the world
The journey is a sensory experience which takes you to the unknown –
What Happens in a Journey Process and Ultimate healing Day
Paru gets clear on what is happening right now in your life and what it is you truly want for yourself
She prepares you – gently teasing you into looking beyond which the mind can look at
She knows your unconcious patterns and hits the nail what has been troubling you with the enneagram – we call it “get the cells cooking” We establish a pattern or patterns that keep repeating themselves in your life
She then talks about your childhood, which most people don’t realise affects us in this lifetime.These are the patterns we pick up from our parents or because of our parents – the first 7 years of our life are crucial
After some deep listening beyond the words spoken – she prepares your mind for the journey emphasising the importance of being in the body where the truth is revealed, knowing your patterns should you sabotage
We then commence the Journey process which is the unknown, the soul take you there through the body. We go on a guided meditation taking you back to a memory that sets up what is blocking you in your life in this present moment. We establish a memory of importance which is usually in childhood where we feel the raw pure emotions by doing an emotional dropthrough – taking you to a place inside of you that is light, that is peace, that is love – in other words all that you truly are – your essence – where the mind goes quiet. We then do a campfire of unconditional love where you are held to forgive on a cellular level up to 3 people – truly forgive – this is where the issue leaves your body cellularly – this is where we forgive ourselves and reconnect with our inner child, then check that is has worked by doing a future pace.
Everyone is unique, everyone’s journey is unique but after doing this work for 25 years fulltime -Paru has found a magic potion that truly gets everyone to the core. No-one can fail, if you know there is something there – the soul will take you there. We could call it emotional expertise,but it is more than that – it is trauma work that Gabor Mate talks about, it is somational release,it is inner child work, it is an experience that is beyond words, beyond the mind, JUST IS.
You can be on a spiritual journey your whole life and never meet your true self, your essence.All you need is a longing inside, a bucket full of courage and the rest is taken care of. This truly addresses the core of whatever is happening for you in your life right now that is stopping you being the best version of yourself This work is a potent blend of cutting edge tools and access to the true realisation that human potential knows no bounds..
Paru has found incredible results after 20 years in
• depression, anxiety and phobas
• sexual, physical and emotional abuse
• overwhelm and burnout
• deep sadness and grief
• unworthiness and self sabotage
• finding your true life purpose

  • Combining either the purest of doterra essential oil massage to destress, detox, break down inflammation and bring the body back to balance or craniosacral balancing – the creme de la creme of body work to give you true deep inner peace by sensory touch – both of these complete the TRUEST SENSORY EXPERIENCE you have ever experienced that works that works that works Paru often wonders how the website name resonates so clearly 20 years later,  – a real sensory experience
Nothing on the outside can give you anything, for you are already complete, already fulfilled. You are home
I noticed on walking the coastal walk, I could smell so clearly, I could truly watch the birds in slow motion – everything slowed down and the mind was so peaceful and still is.

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