Are you going through it right now!

Have you lost your job, feeling lost, really don’t know what next?

Have you ever asked yourself who are you really?

Do you know that your soul is calling you to do something deeper?

Do you realise that the deepest pain you are experiencing can be transformed into the deepest gift you have for the world?

Maybe this time in history is the time for you to truly go inside and find out who you truly are – as a great part of the planet are doing right now – awakening!

Enneagram NZ

If 95% of our behaviours are unconcious and running our life through our mind and our conditioning from our parents that cause the most suffering in our lives, and the mind is full of fear, doubt and suffering – don’t you think there is a lot of sabotage going on in your life?.What do we do- we blame the outside – we say we will never be like our father, or our mother and yet we are running that same programme!

There is a way out – that doesn’t need to last a lifetime !

Best Emotional Healing NZ

Paru’s work over the last 30 years has found a gateway home – back to the true self, to the essence of who you truly are and it can be done in just a day, 3 days or more.

How can you explain the unexplainable – the purest form of you.

Solution – everything it takes to get out of your conditioning, your unconcious behaviours, your patterns like Paru has been doing where you live a life in freedom, love, abundance, manifestation.

Whether it’s depression

whether it’s shut down

whether it’s hidden sadness or grief

whether it’s addiction

whether it’s physical illness

whether it’s financial pressure

or you just don’t feel yourself – leave it to Paru she will help you come home.

The Journey Method NZ

When you come home to you, your essence, your true self – clarity is there and You feel on purpose again, you have that get up and go to move forward into a 2022 of your dreams – doing what you truly love and getting paid for it!

Call Paru if you live near Christchurch and book your Ultimate Healing Day 0272 777734 or email where you will discover your unconcious patterns, go into a guided meditation and forgiveness process, have a gorgeous ozone sauna and decadent delicious lunch and finish with sublime high vibrancy essential oil massage or even more decadent – a craniosacral balancing session