It has been a long time I haven’t written owing to new website which I have been trying to navigate.

I hope you are all standing grounded and in your true self in these crazy times on the planet right now.

This is just to advise that many clients had said to contact them if I ever considered selling my gorgeous place.  I am in contemplation of this as a shift is happening.

I will not be finishing my work which has got so amazing in the last year or so but doing it differently as I go into semi-retirement– maybe 6 mths overseas based in Indonesia and 6 months on the road around NZ again coming to your home like I did when I first arrived in New Zealand.

The energy here is amazing as you know, having had 20 years of deep healing and the trees and all the overgrowth cleared with views out to south america.  Diamond Harbour is still the untouched paradise, only have added an amazing supermarket and petrol station and soon new pub in the village.  But very little development, an amazing community, easy access by ferry and bus to town or 40mins drive to most parts of city and airport, amazing coastal walks, 2 mins to swim and 10 mins to gorgeous untouched peaceful beach

I am looking for offers of over $800,000 – 4 bed, 1 1/2 bath, an ocean view hut, a garage (rented by council $250 per year), 2 gorgeous spacious decks with views and great flowering and rose garden not too hard to upkeep.  I will be leaving most of the garden buddhas, water features etc and if interested please contact me by email or tel: 0272 777734.  Please spread the word if you know of anyone and I can forward further photos and documents.

In the meantime, here is some photos collected as I have updated most years and the colours are amazing.