Even Gabor would be the first to admit that he doesn’t have that stillness that comes from the work that truly get’s to core of trauma in New Zealand that Paru has spent 30 years devising.

Combining The Enneagram NZ, The Journey Method Brandon Bays NZ and the compassionate enquiry that Gabor uses and a guided meditation that takes you back to the memory that is present with your issue right now in this moment and clearingit, with a forgiveness process around a campfire and the clarity that comes from an emotional dropthrough cannot be beaten Paru feels in NZ.

Paru first brought Brandon Bays to New Zealand back in 2002 and decided to open a retreat – Shunyata and for the last 18 years has been working full time with people and upgraded her process as she upgrades her consciousness to get to the core of people’s main suffering with The Enneagram NZ – unconscious beliefs that run 90% of our behaviour.  She is publishing a book – How to Grow Up instead of Growing Old with her findings and truly sees so much with illnesses and emotional issues over the last 18 years Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa has been open.

Every Retreat and Ultimate Healing day encompasses this amazing process and on giving the client the gorgeous wild orange fudge at the end when the people have met their highest self, Paru knows she cannot give this work up.

The Journey Method NZ  is a worldwide acclaimed work which deals with repressed trauma and repressed emotions which can lead to many illnesses in life as per the work of Candice Pert.  For healing addiction, trauma and so much more you can’t beat this process and the way of finding the core for each individual comes true with The Enneagram NZ, unconscious behaviours that run us in most of our lives. Being an emotional type, this work has been Paru’s life long study and she just noticed on a family gathering where everyone was getting old, how important looking after the body in life combines with this and the somatic approach of craniosacral balancing so we cover it all.

Some people have blocked out childhood trauma in their lives – only for it to surface later in life.  This can be just your parent’s separating or sibling rivalry – all of us have some sort of issue that shows up later in life either physically or emotionally and this can be got to so you can go on to live the best version of yourself.  We all love Gabor Mate and his work,but being a mind type he can describe beautifully what we can put into practice emotionally  like he calls Compassionate Enquiry.

So no matter what age you are – if you feel there is something there that is stopping you truly in your life, your relationships, your work or physically – call Paru now and book your 3 day Ultimate Bliss Retreat or 5 day Ayurveda Detox or even the 1 day Ultimate Healing Day can address this so beautifully.

Tel 0272 777734 or email journeyessence@gmail.com and go and have a look at the new website https://journeyessence.com/