What a tough few years it has been and there has also been a shift on the planet in the deepest of healing which is where I have been concentrating on Surrender is the one of those words that has come up many times in my journey of life and these last 2 years have been no different. I went through many physical challenges to only come out more knowledgeable, more informed and more up to date in TRUE methods of healing. ” Everything that comes to you is a gift from God – it is only how you use it.”.

Well after taking a few months off to just disappear into the mediterannean I am back ready to share these gifts. I gave at least 30 craniosacral session on the amazing catamaran and people loved it and truly benefited from it. So combined with the Journey method, the enneagram, craniosacral and all the other modalites I have learned over the years – spring is the perfect time to retreat, detox, drop a few kilos, emotionally heal and get ready for summer. I love travelling but coming home to this paradise makes it all worth while. The flowers are blooming, the peace if sublime and the healing better than ever.

My deepest prayer is to raise some money for a scalar healing machine which I was part of overseas, so many people can heal. There is an interview on my fb page https://www.facebook.com/shunyata.retreat about this amazing tool which addressed all my digestive issues – so no matter what needs healing in your being, we can get to the core here with the most up to date healing modalites that truly work.

Book your 3or 5 day retreat now or come for an ultimate healing day and Paru and Monique will truly get you back on track. For all of you in Christchurch, I will have a stall at the womens lifestyle event the last weekend of October so would be great to see you there.

Journeyessence.com or email journeyessence@gmail.com or telephone Paru 0272 777734