Hello beloveds

I am sorry I haven’t written sooner, I had problems with my new website and then I have not beenwell for a few months and now realise it was all part of the awakening on the planet and needed to clear out old ancestral wounds of guilt and shame and because I am such an energy empath was knocked to the ground. I won’t go into it cause I am on the mend but have developed more empathy and compassion for physical illness – having been through emotional healing and now physical. My heart is so open and full of love for people who can’t seem to heal physically who have tried everything and am trying to manifest some big bucks to do some quantum healing which has been part of my healing and the future for the planet right now.  I ask you to put out a prayer that somehow this money will come to offer very cheap healing for all in a centre here in NZ.

There is a free 15 day healing for anyone who wants to partake and I truly recommend it -it just addresses all parts of your being.

Here is the link

http://www.scalarlight.com and another amazing interview on this healing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bcYsBM1gnM

I am closing on 17 June and have some spaces for ultimate healing days and pampering 13-17 June so call or txt 0272 777734 to get some true love and healing.

I often go back to my background and all the crazy things I have done in my life and because I have been there and tried it all, I feel I have that non-judgement for people who are stuck cause I was also so stuck. There are many healers who they say they have the answer for you and can fix you but I truly believe more and more that we have that inner magic inside of us so will be always here to help you facilitate that.

This newsletter is also to advise you that I am off to europe to sail the mediterranae for a few months to leave the uprising that will happen on the planet as more people wake up to what has been truly happening. So much will be revealed on how we have been lied to, how there are certain people on this planet that are dark and evil and want to take over control and make us puppets.These people are slowly being exposed and so much darkness dispelled and I hope for a better world with more love on my return and will be part of this massive shift.I have had lots of things happen to try and steer me off course, but with have really realised that all this shit on the outside is not who you are and it has taken me deeper into my purpose. Lost a lot of money on the stock market which a lot of people did and break ins to cars and bills piling up, along with an ongoing deep pain in my body but resilience has won out and I am back home inside.

Who knows where Shunyata will be when I return late September but I know I will be travelling north island later in the summer this year doing this work at yours which I first did when I arrived in NZ. Will be at Womens lLifestyle 20/30 October in Christchurch and also the NZ Spirit festival here in Orton Bradley 19 January and of course the gorgeous Evolve festival in Nelson 27-29 January. Any bookings from October onwards email me at journeyessence@gmail.com

I am so grateful to be sailing on a gorgeous catamaran in July from Crete to Malta to Ibizza and the month of August biodancing in Portugal and hopefully sailing the Croatian coast in September.

For anyone who needs some healing from the vaccine or any Reiki, essential oil massage, chakra balancing and energy healing please contact my colleague Monique at Moniquesjourney@gmail.com

I want to send a huge big hug to you all and hope you keep your beings rested and warm this winter and see you in the spring. I always say I travel to appreciate more of where I live. NAMASTE