Do your love your partner but feel something is blocking this love?
Do you long to come back to when you first met and resparkle that intimacy?
Are you needing some clear, integral, honest relationship counselling suited only for you?
Are you sick and tired of the same old patterns in intimacy and willing to change and therefore deepen in your ability to love?
Are you wanting to leave the relationship in a conscious unconditional loving way that nurtures
both of you and your children?
Maybe you’re going through menopause or mid life crisis & needing to get clear on your needs
at this time?
Which way do you deal with conflict in the relationship, fight, flight or freeze?


Then Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa is the place for you.

Here you will learn to love yourself so you can overflow with love for another This is
true unconditional love.

“ Self love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel. Make it full and any excess will spill over to the people you hold dear.  But you must come first”

No-one ever told us how to self care and be authentic.  But as my teacher said
“Society is the cult”.

Imagine leaving the stresses of life behind and being nurtured and cared for in a gorgeous
ocean view setting and fed delicious food and not lifting a finger. Being seen and
listened to with non judgement and nourished body, mind and soul back to love.

We will be doing yoga and meditation daily, looking at ego patterns that keep repeating
in our lives and coming home to our hearts and our higher selves in between beautiful
body work sessions and ozone saunas drinking in the views.

Relationship Coach in New Zealand

Paru is deeply passionate about re-invigorating relationshps that have lost their spark.
She brings a fresh approach to nurturing intimacy between individuals that works
deeper than the mind. Taking you to a deep heart and soul connection, back to your
authentic self.  We cannot be in relationship while ego is running us. It works for a short
while (honeymoon) then eventually you crash and all the pain of the childhood wounds
come up when your partner is not meeting your needs.   Sound familiar!!!!!!!!!!!
Find your authentic self and love from there and you will rise in love instead of falling.

Paru has worked for 11 years with couples from all over the world and whether you
want to deepen the love or consciously uncouple – your unique needs are accommodated
in a one on one retreat basis.

Her background includes 30 years in development

  • Training with David Deida in Byron Bay
  • Full time accredited Journey Practitioner
  • Cranio-sacral and Aromatouch trained practitioner
  • Yoga teacher trained in India
  • Sexuality & Tantra counseller

Some people charge $2,000 per day for this coaching

5 days not $5,000 but $2,500 for 2 people

  • Journey work (cellular healing)
  • Ozone Saunas
  • Aromatherapy Massage and cranio sacral balancing
  • Yoga and Meditation daily
  • Delicious but healthy food cooked with love
  • Aromatherapy emotional reading for subconscious blocks
  • Decadent 3 course romantic dinner to finish (special food needs catered with love)

All set overlooking the ocean in gorgeous Diamond Harbour (the untouched paradise)
in Banks Peninsular with great coastal walks

Some Trip Advisor Comments from Couples

  • Blissfully Relaxing & Inspiring
  • Words cannot express – We are talking
  • A unique &  utterly unforgettable Retreat
  • Amazing couples retreat with a personal touch

Paru will soon be a celebrant to offer this work with entering into a commitment

Email to book your spot before  or call Paru 0272 777734