The longest journey you will make in your life is the journey from the head to the heart.

To all my beloved clients – this period is precious to you all to have a break, a time out with your loved ones and hopefully that time out will be loving, joyful and peaceful. I love the quote

“If you think you are enlightened, go spend time with your family”

My belief is when we have truly healed we have healed with family. Some of us don’t have this problem, but others hold dearly to a break up or break down with a family member. I always say the enneagram has taught me compassion, why we are all do different and why that person wouldn’t hold the same importance as ourself in an issue. Drop it all – be the bigger person and come to a forgiveness cause if you do then the whole universe supports you.

There has been so much light shining down on the planet of late that all patterns of suffering and ego have been coming up in our faces including mine, along the lines of victim mentality and fear of survival. Old stuff that we think we have finished with, but not totally. So if it’s been incredibly intense for you, you are not alone, my heart goes out to you. Don’t shut down, don’t lose faith, dont turn cynical, there is hope. This time with family can be different than previous if you truly make the effort with no expectation of anything back in return.

The new year is upon us and new beginnings waiting to be grabbed. There is a lot of fear in change and from my own experience my soul is telling me that there is a big change needed and I know when this comes up, I have felt this before and it’s not comfortable. We need to trust and let go and this feels really hard sometimes. So if you are also feeling this, I am with you now. I will vouch that every hard lesson that we experience in this life will make us more open, more compassionate, and it’s not easy at the time but when we look back, we understand from a soul level why it happened. Learning from life we call an uba guru – real spirituality is this. The best journey in this life is to awaken and to share this and then if you stay awakened – you become a teacher. Who would have ever guessed at the deepest of my suffering that I would become a teacher and you too could be one.

“Come, come, come to the edge, come to the edge, I’m scared master, I’m scared, – he pushed ,he flew”

I hope you are getting that we are all in this together. I feel raw, vulnerable and sharing this newsletter from my heart to hopefully hold you hand in wherever you are at with love, patience and non judgement. Life has not been easy and even I have questioned all my path until this point, but there is a resilience inside of me that I love, a trust that comes and goes that all is perfect, an allowance to feel whatever I am feeling so it shifts (as resistence causes suffering) and a love forself that is the deepest I have ever felt. This allows me to move to the next challenge easier.

As I haven’t written a newsletter for a while – just an update as far as I can tell. There is a spirit festival at Orton Bradley Park here in our gorgeous Peninsular in January 19-22 with great music, talks and will be amazing as this park is beautiful. Here I will be doing craniosacral sessions in the healing centre. Then the following weekend is the best festival I think in NZ – Evolve in Nelson where I will be doing a talk on the enneagram and trauma – 27-29 Jan – – so hope you can make it to one of these amazing weekends.

I hope to be travelling in the north island in March – doing what I first did on arrival to NZ – going to yours, bringing a shared lunch and doing the ultimate healing day – will keep you updated and then who knows what next year will bring. All I do know is that every person who comes to shunyata leaves feeling better, more open, more loving, more inspired and I love my work. Xmas vouchers are available for a ultimate healing day or a girls day out and look forward to seeing you all soon. Tel Paru to get yours 0272 777734 or email – valid for 6 months. There is also a place available for a retreat to help you enter 2023 on 28 December if you feel called. I promise you a very special landing in the new year, the place is beautiful and peaceful away from the madening crowd and this will be very one on one for you specially. Spread the word.

Deep love from this gorgeous paradise and a loving open holiday period to you all