If you’ve ever felt the urge for self-discovery, to understand your emotions and untangle the complexities of your personality, emotional counselling can be a great option. The Enneagram and the Journey Method hold an intriguing promise. These transformative tools illuminate the pathways within. This method is a gateway to profound emotional clarity, resilience, and growth. In the realm of Emotional Counseling, the convergence of the Enneagram and the Journey Method offers a unique map to navigate the human experience. Join us as we embark on a captivating exploration of the art and science of self-awareness.

Emotional Counselling – The Journey Method And the Enneagram

The Reasons You Should Opt For This Path

Amidst the pandemic, dormant wounds resurface, urging us to confront unresolved issues. The world’s dichotomy: one gripped by fear, the other awakening to untapped potential. Recognize our inner compass signals when something’s awry. Reach out not from fearful minds but with purpose. Remove all fear, doubt, and judgment. Embrace change, and face the unknown. How committed to healing? Ready to cease blame and claim life’s birthright? A smidge of courage transforms. A fresh start beckons; seize this second chance.

Many have experienced fulfilment in a relationship, freed from addiction and untangled the knots with us. You can visit our Facebook page for authenticity! or check out the reviews on google.

Definition of The Journey Method and the Enneagram

The Journey stands as a globally acclaimed catalyst for profound healing and transformative growth, swiftly unlocking the boundless potential within and paving the path to holistic success. This method transcends traditional therapy, delving into the depths of being to release emotional barriers held in the cellular tapestry, resulting in enduring, life-altering change.

In a Journey Process, direct communion with the subconscious facilitates the release of ancient issues, engendering forgiveness and healing via one’s inner truth. This process touches the untouched territories where meditation, positivity, and even healthy living have never ventured, leading to innate intelligence, experience profound bodily restoration and emancipation: from behavioural patterns to emotional struggles like guilt, self-doubt, stress, anger, shame, phobias, grief, depression, panic, and childhood traumas. Liberation from pain and the resurgence of confidence bloom.

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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram, beyond mere personality, unveils profound insights into human cognition, emotion, and conduct, delineating nine unique types replete with adaptive behaviours, strengths, and distinctive gifts. Its potency lies in precise, deep personality descriptions and the transformative experience it affords seekers, enabling them to flourish, embrace their true potential, and infuse life with mindfulness. Rooted in primal survival instincts and elevated by the force of love, this path represents the swiftest track to conscious growth. Paru, a dedicated scholar for three decades, has honed this wisdom under the tutelage of global luminaries.

The Final Thought!

So, if depression has overtaken your life, are you searching for your infinite potential or suffered trauma- childhood, come to us! We help you embark on the Journey (one of the most fantastic transformation methods). We also offer the Detox package and Couples retreats to all the clients. Hence, contact us! Paru will be soon venturing out in NZ later in the year first south island in December and bring this work to your home. email journeyessence@gmail.com if you want a session. We can’t ruly awaken if there is still trauma in the body that blocks us from living from our essence!