Many people talk about mindfulness, and what are they truly talking about.

What would it take to get the mind quiet, which is full of fear, doubt andjudgement and you would have to say right now – it’s going in full forceif you are an empath like me and taking on all that is happening on the planet.

The work at Shunyata comes from beyond the mind so it truly getsclarity and wisdom, using the body to get to the soul and peace is experienced.

Mindset Coach Near Me

Many people are losing their jobs and looking for a Career Change Coach but you can’t do this unless you have clarity.The mind or the unconcious patterns of behaviour (enneagram) all stop us from getting on purpose and after over 20 years of working with people, Paru truly knows how to get to the core of your blocks one on one quickly. Most of the online work that can be done costs thousands of dollars if you want that one on one coaching, but not at Shunyata – one on one is my specialty.

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Emotional Healing, the Eneagram & High Vibrancy Essential Oils

– clear the patterns by bringing awareness to them, go on a guided meditation to establish the block that started that pattern and come to a forgiveness around a campfire.

Money Mindset Coach

Whether it be blocks on abundance and money, low self esteem, depression, anxiety or repressed trauma – we will find the way home, the way back to the highest version of yourself in these troubling times.

If you live in or near Christchurch – give this special day to yourself – be picked up from ferry from Lytellton or drive to this gorgeous ocean view paradise and come with a strong intention and the rest will be dealt with along with a gorgeous ozone sauna,delicious lunch and sublime body work.

The Ultimate Healing day will be a day you won’t forget

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