Nothing is more important in one’s life than their relationships. When your relationship is not working properly, your life also stops going well. Couples who’ve come to us, Shunyata Retreat And Day Spa, have become soul mates for lifelong!

A few couples who chose to come to us were finding their relationship dead and were willing to renew the spark! Others have already given up on each other through jealousy or mistrust that doesn’t seem to solve on its own. Moreover, we also have come across clients who have lost honesty and eventually intimacy with each other. There are also a few who have already tried counselling and it didn’t work.

No matter which relationship problem you’re facing, we can solve it with relationship counselling. This blog and some other Blog posts of us have revealed how our relationship counselling can help you lead a great life with your partner.

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Here’s how Our Relationship Counselling Can Make You Fall in Love with Your Partner Again!

Most relationship counselling offered comes from the mind. And, if your mind is full of doubt, judgement and fear then it’ll never work. Also, some counselling helps you please your partner and betray yourself. This too may never work.

Shunyata Retreat And Day Spa works on the person first, your beliefs or blocks may be from your childhood days and then with the enneagram and journey. After that, you are brought home to wholeness. And, from this place, you can truly, with compassion and empathy, meet your better half. Find stories of people who have got their love back with our help from our Facebook page.

Life’s tensions of making money, and raising kids, kill the chemistry between a couple. Everybody is living in the male domain of a life of attainment and no wonder relationships are failing!

That’s why you are suggested to come to us and find out what the secrets are of being sexy for your woman or man on a more sustaining and deeper level. Our instagram posts have stressed on this topic a little bit more.

A conscious relationship is actually a romantic connection where both persons feel devoted to a sense of commitment. Most relationships run from unconscious patterns, based only on romantic pursuits and looking to please the other and asking them to provide joy unconsciously.

The normal situation is when the honeymoon period is over and the relationship starts going downwards. When you’re conscious, you become aware of the addictive, habitual, ego and thinking patterning and decide to be responsible and not blame the other.

Relationships may break up when neither the man nor the woman is serving to rise in love. There’s so much more to love in a relationship beyond romantic love. And, at Shunyata we’ll help you discover that through couple’s counselling. Make sure you read our Service page if you want to know more in this regard.

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In summary

You both fell in love and decided to stay together for a lifetime. So, don’t let anything or any difficult situation change your mind. Rather, put some more effort and Contact us for our relationship counselling. We would love to make you fall in love with each other again.