Over 35 years ago I had an epiphany that anything could be healed and who would have k known where that journey would have taken me.

I love humility cause we are always learning and I believe I hold myself to that, but having recently been hit with many physical blocks and not stopping till I had Truly healed, this journey was fruitful for my research for you my client. We go to an expert In the field when we need help, and healing, body, mind and soul naturally is truly my expertise through experience.

We can’t dispute the fact that the last few years has created a lot of dis…ease in many bodies and this doesn’t have to run you. You deserve to live in joy, freedom , abundant lifeforce and energy and Paru will help you access this inside of you. You don’t have to live with pain, your body can heal and when we look at past trauma, emotional issues,physical blocks -anything is possible and if your body doesn’t reveal the truth at Shunyata- then Paru has other advanced up to date energy techniques she can refer you to that truly helped her.

In fact it is a deep prayer to bring this scalar energy to NZ. Meanwhile call Paru today 0272777734 or email journeyessence@gmail.com to book your retreat or ultimate healing day.