Everyone deserves a relaxing spa day after hectic and draining weeks! And, of course, it’s no wonder your body will feel tired and exhausted. At that moment, having a day spa in New Zealand may benefit you a lot! You can enjoy pampering treatments and unwind yourself. In fact, we say you should present yourself with a spa day gift more often for the challenges you always deal with week after week.

How Can Getting a Day Spa Benefit Your Wellness and Health?

Our day spa at Shunyata Retreat is right on the ocean 10 mins by ferry from Lyttelton. You can experience a pampering and blissful day in our rejuvenating sanctuary. And the best part is you don’t have to check your watch while getting the spa therapies.

Still, if you just don’t feel sure about it, read the following points where we have uncovered ways our day spa can benefit your wellness. Here we go:

1: Make you feel de-stress!

A relaxing spa day is all about de-stressing yourself and calming your mind. Regardless of your treatment choice, you will feel your mind unwinding. In fact, an emotional clearing takes place here because your mind, soul, and body start re-balancing! The use of high vibrancy essential oils will give your deep healing and consciousness, including aches and pains. Yet, you will feel de-stress!

2: Reduce your headaches!

Draining hard work at the workplace week after week can make you feel exhausted and anxious. Hence, headaches are no wonder here! Our Indian head massage, Nasya, and Shirodhara – hot oil on the forehead during day spa work best for anxiety and headaches. The massages release tension and make your head feel light!

3: Relieve all your pain!

Do you often feel pain and aches? Continuing hard work can be responsible for pain in the lower back, arms, and even shoulders. A day spa can be the best way to relieve all those sufferings. In a day spa, we offer Special Pain & Illness Management protocol with deep therapeutic essential oils treatment. You can include it in your package and experience a relaxing massage.

Now, if you are ready to schedule a day in New Zealand at Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa, you may wonder how frequently you should go for this. Let us tell you that!

How Often Should You Get a Day Spa to Unwind and Relax?

A spa day improves both mental and physical health. But how frequent you should need it depends on different factors, like your emotional and physical state, stress level, and how much you can afford.

However, there’s no hard-and-fast rule! You can even get a day spa once a year. But that won’t be sufficient to release your muscle tension. That’s why we suggest scheduling a spa day twice a week or at least once to keep your health in good condition and get rid of chronic pain. After a few weeks of treatment, when you start feeling good, you may schedule your space once or twice a month then. It’s because if you wait too long, it takes time to regain your flexibility.

And if you can’t decide how often you should get a day spa, Paru is here to guide you. And we hope nothing can be a better spa day than deep healing and presence with stunning ocean views around.

To Conclude

So, what do you decide? Would you like to get a day spa in New Zealand? Then, contact us to schedule a spa day for spa therapies and other treatments. Stay connected and read blogs to know more about us!