Stay in Comfort & Enjoy Healthy, World Renowned Food

Do you Love delicious, decadent but healthy world renowned food?

You are either a foodie or will become one at Shunyata. The 4 on the enneagram usually is the creative one – the musician, the artist and for years I wondered what happened to mine.  Now I know it comes out with food.  I never had to do the 20 years of housewife, it would never have worked for me – so you get the benefit of the passion and love I put into food and the gift of the love of nurturing people, a triple cancer.  If you have had to cook, you get a break, you get to share love-inspired food that is healthy and a little naughty but promise you will leave with some inspiration to eat more healthy and nutritious for your body. or body type.

My love of food and cooking started in France, but traveling for many years and being a travel agent for 20 years – I got to experience many cuisines and put them together with gorgeous NZ produce, usually seasonal, sometimes organic but local and great, free of preservatives and fresh and make my own chutneys and dips.  Conscious food cooked with love!

If you come as a couple you will get gorgeous food and experience a night to remember in the 3 courses romantic dinner with the menu changing seasonally – some ideas are : Double goats cheese soufles, bruschetta beyond Italian standard, excellent salads, Vietnamese amazing bowls, locally grown venison, Akaroa salmon done so many ways, fig jam with pate, whatever I feel into you would love that night.

But my healthy eggs benedict, chia pudding, porridge beyond porridge, frittatas and Asian inspired bowls, dips made with love and Indian curries will leave you salivating and wanting to cook better.

I try and keep humble in my cooking by constantly updating recipes.

Testimonials from Happy Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa clients

Powerful experience. It’s a journey in every sense of the word. Think about it as an investment in your mental, physical and emotional health. I feel like I now have the tools to go forth on this journey of transformation. Thank you Paru

Have recently had a lovely experience at Shunyata with Paru. She is a warm caring person with great insight, no doubt coming from her own life’s experiences. It was a great journey of self discovery. Nothing is rushed and I came away feeling like I was floating home. It truly was a Body, MInd and Soul experience where I discovered many things about myself. This will no doubt help me deal with the past present and future. Thank you so much Paru.
Margaret Slack

Healthy Food Menu

  • Green Smoothie (the food of the gods)
  • Organic Granola, Chia Pudding Kefir and Seasonal fruit
  • Eggs Benedict with fresh Akaroa Salmon & Spinach
  • Porridge done in a way you have never tasted
  • Crepes & Indian Paratha with sweet & savoury
  • Baked eggs with delicious add ons
  • Vegetable Frittata
  • Spinach and Feta Triangles
  • Pumpkin Pies
  • Vietnamese Rolls
  • Quinoa Couscous
  • Marinated Seaweed Salad
  • Delicious Salads depending on seasonal produce
  • Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto
  • Vietnamese Fish Cakes
  • Fresh Fish done Asian or French style
  • Akaroa Salmon with Organic Soba Noodles
  • Indian Veg Platter with Chutneys and Raita
  • Delicious Pasta and Stir Fries
  • Gourmet Fish & Chips with fish straight from the ocean
  • Marinated Tofu with steamed veg and sprouts
  • Locally grown venison
  • Roast chicken made with quinoa stuffing & doterra pure oils
  • Chocolate Orange Surprise
  • Pavlova and Raspberry Roll
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie
  • Brandy Snaps and Gourmet Ice Cream
  • The best Chocolate Brownie you have ever eaten
  • Gluten-free Orange Almond Cake
  • The new raw wild orange fudge (to die for)
  • Peppermint & spearmint sugar-free slice
  • Divine Cronuts with homemade lime & passionfruit curd


There are two private rooms in the house right next to the bathrooms.

The main room is spacious and looks out onto Wreck Bay and has a very comfortable queen bed- This is given to the first booking or used for couples. Next to bathrooms.

The rose room looks out over to the rose garden and is next to the bathrooms.
King Single Bed

Sometimes in summer, a client might want to sleep up in the hut above the house which is a little more private, a bit more rustic, but has great views over the bay.

Make this year your best one yet as you reset your body’s natural systems in an away-from-it-all sanctuary that will leave you fully recharged and renewed – the best Health, Wellness, Detox & Couples Retreat & Day Spa in New Zealand