The thing to remember at Shunyata is ALL INCLUSIVE – no extras! So much therapy, yoga & meditation and great food included in once price

Common Queries

Can I check in any day?
Yes, Shunyata is very unique and you can come any time.
What is the best time of day to arrive?
If you are doing a cleanse/detox, it would be best to arrive before 10 am if possible as we start that day but otherwise come in the morning of the first day and leave the afternoon of the last.
Do guests travel alone?
Yes, of course, many guests come on their own as they are doing individual healing and max of only 3 guests at a time. Of course, a couple, with a friend or member of the family is also a lovely way of sharing Shunyata.
How long should I stay?
Detox retreats require a minimum of 5 days and the Journey retreats minimum of 3 days but you can stay on with yoga, food, and meditation for as many extra as you Like for a cost all inclusive of $150 pp per night.
Should I bring my mobile or laptop?
I truly believe in the freedom of an individual so there are no strict rules at Shunyata, but you will benefit more from the amazing shift if you truly give yourself this gift and cut off from the world, what truly is a week or a few days out of everyday madness in normal life.
Do I need to book treatments in advance?
It would help to establish your package and sessions in advance, but you can add extra’s when you are here subject to time restraints also.
What happens in a typical day on retreat?
Up reasonably early (depends on what you need) to prepare for detox if doing it, yoga class, lovely coastal walk, breakfast, session time, maybe a relax and read in a hammock, lovely healthy lunch, and then time to catch up with journal writing or reading, guided meditation in the evening followed by dinner and maybe a DVD in the evening and or a hydrotherapy bath before bed.
How am I best to prepare for the retreat?
For the detox come down off caffeine slowly to 2 teas or 1 coffee per day to avoid headaches and for the Journey, retreat ask yourself what is it you truly want for yourself from this retreat. Bring a journal.
Who can benefit?
Anyone who suffers a physical or emotional issue and who truly want to move out of victimhood and pain and wants to break through into exploring their highest potential and have a desire to be free.
What is The Journey / Enneagram Process?
After establishing your unconscious pattern, which could be the root cause for your condition, then we go on a guided meditation that uncovers a memory that caused that block through your own body wisdom
What If I feel it won’t work for me?
There are 3 parts to the journey and many different processes and with 30 years experience and passion for this work and no-one fails but some deeper issues might need 2 sessions. The Journey process never brings up more than you are ready to deal with at any given time.
I Can’t Feel my emotions or my emotions overwhelm me?
This is where we address both of this through patterns of the enneagram and peace is restored.