So, you have thought many times about going on a wellness retreat. But every time, you lag your steps back just because of those misconceptions about retreats!

First, let us tell you that while looking for a perfect place for wellness retreats in the NZ, start your journey with us! After all, we have a hidden gem and an untouched paradise of retreats in this place, called Diamond Harbour, just right on the ocean! In this perfectly blissful setting, you will definitely feel pampered. 

But since your mind is full of myths about retreats, you may not be sure what to expect in this healthy journey. And all those misconceptions have become unanswered questions now! 

We have explained all those debunked myths that come to your mind whenever you hear the term ‘Wellness Retreat.’ Let’s get started:


Myth #1: “I Will Feel Lonely On Retreats!”

No, you’re not the only one! Many travellers attend retreats to have a unique experience, find clarity, or get relief from burnout! So, you have a great chance to meet new people and have an extraordinary experience while relaxing your mind, body, and soul! And if you are scared to feel lonely on this journey, look for a group retreat!

Myth #2: I have to starve all the time!

Of course, NOT! Going on a retreat means not starving. Our retreats include everything, from one-to-one counselling to morning yoga to evening meditation. You can see the videos on our Facebook page!

But all these are not on an empty stomach! Once you book the retreating form on our website, we ensure you have private accommodation with healthy nutritious meals. In most cases, it will be vegan foods to maintain special diets. So, you won’t feel hungry all the time!

Myth #3: A retreat is not a holiday but hard work!

If you ever feel that you don’t have enough ‘YOU’ time, you should plan a vacation, indeed. And retreats are perfect here! However, you may think it’s not a holiday, but hard work, since a retreat sounds like it’s full of workouts, like yoga, meditation, or stretching. But it’s not sooooo!

Instead, you will have a sense of self, a more positive perspective of life, and relief from anxiety- What else can be a better holiday than this? Now, if you’re finding it interesting, contact us!


But if vacation means cocktails and nightclubs to you, retreats are not an option for you!

Wrapping Up

We hope all your misconceptions and queries are clear now! And if you are interested in going on a wellness retreat in the Banks Peninsula with us, fill out the retreat booking form for our service! Don’t worry! Our charges are quite competitive. Stay connected!