Day Spa Christchurch with a difference

Banks Peninsula is one of the top places to visit in Christchurch and Diamond Harbour is easy to access from Christchurch , the opposite side to Akaroa– just 45 mins by car from Christchurch city and  airport and 10 min by ferry from Lyttelton where Paru will meet you off the ferry.
Shunyata is a peaceful ocean view paradise, in fact you can see out to South America from her place and everyone that arrives just relaxes straight away with the view .Paru has travelled the world and never been in a place that hasn’t developed hardly at all in 17 years – the untouched paradise. The peace, the smell of gorgeous essential oils takes you deeply into sublime stillness, which is the meaning of Shunyata.
Massage Christchurch
Massage therapist Paru, can take you to another level having done most of her training in Byron Bay and India, she promises a spa retreat day to remember. Her favourite sessions are the Aromatouch Essential Oil Massage to detress, detox, break down inflammation and bring the body back to balance and of course sacral cranial therapy that ensures a natural facelift as the body goes into complete relaxation and deep seated body pain melts away with the essential oils.But la creme de la creme if you truly want a shift is the Ultimate Healing Day.  All Day Spa
treatments include an ozone sauna, so needed in these times of viruses and immune boosting.

Do yourself a favour and get away from the city – with the best day spa christchurch which is beyond a massage spa.
Girls Day Out –3 hrs – incl ozone sauna (great for viruses) 2 bodywork sessions and lunch $200
or if it’s healing ,empowerment, direction & clarity you need in these crazy times, getting to the core of depression, trauma, addictions, illness, anxiety,grief, anger management and shutdown
then the Ultimate Healing Day = 5 hours – $300 inc enneagram, journey, sauna, lunch & body work
tel: 0272 777734 or email for your true transformation