Imagine catching the gorgeous 10 min Diamond Harbour ferry to be picked up and taken to a day you will never forget – the best day spa in christchurch overlooking the ocean and  beautiful vistas in gorgeous Diamond Harbour.

This Christchurch spa will address anything that is going on from both a pampering , energy and healing prospective as Paru  and Monique from Shunyata have dedicated over 30 years of their lives updating the best natural protocols for all body aches and pains, digestive issues, inflammation and want you to be the best version of yourselff.  All of the packages include an ozone sauna where your head is out just looking at the magical view, (known in thesetimes for oxygenating the cells for all types of viruses) and the highest vibrancy essential oils on the planet Doterra NZ  massage for detox, destress, breaking down inflammation and bringing the body back to balance and then you can chose but Paru recommends craniosacral balancing, the amazing energy healing from Monique to balance the chakras and move blocked energy.  But all ayurveda treatments and reflexology and reiki are just a few.


At this ocean view day spa in Christchurch you will have the place to yourself, betotally heard and pampered and then there is the delicious lunch where we can take in the vistas and all diets are catered for – in fact Paru’s vegan food is finding a new place on her repetoire of overseas delicious but healthy treats and there is even desert and champagne available, all healthy but yummy,  Sometimes people want to add in a yoga class overlooking the deck to make the day even more special, but at Shunyata it’s very unique and all about you so everything can be addressed body, mind and soul.

If it’s the healing version of the Ultimate Healing Day then we say how can we explain the unexplainable.  This day Paru has perfected over the last 30 years and can promise you that the block that is stopping you living your potential will be found through the soul and a guided meditation with the help of the Enneagram NZ and the Journey Method NZ.  For 4-5 hours we address all emotional and physical issues relating maybe to childhood and trauma in life and get to the core of it, the mind is quiet and people meet their essence, their true self and then a forgiveness process happens and voila, brand new ready for the pampering.  This Christchurch  Day Spa will be a day that won’t be forgotten – we promise you and welcome you with open arms where the day is all about you.  Birthday, mother’s day, valentines day or any special day spa vouchers are available for you blokes that want to spoil your loved ones cause most women won’t do it for themselves.  But she doesn’t have to lift a finger and we promise that whatever is going on with her, it will be addressed physically and emotionally from the experts at emotional,energy  and physical healing.  The men say – she can go back again from the amazingness she feels that lasts a long time

Massage Christchurch

If you are looking for beyond Massage in Christchurch then indulge in this day spa  Christchurch that is unique and for a day that you won’t forget, then Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa Christchurch is your place.

Call or text Paru 0272 777734 or email to book your place.