Couples Counselling

Helping Couples Return to True Love

Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship opens your heart and boosts your immune system When our relationship doesn’t work – our life doesn’t work. Couples Who have truly benefited from Shunyata have become lifelong friends!

  • Some couples have found their relationship a little dead and need to renew the spark!
  • Others have shut down on each other through mistrust or jealousy or hurts that can’t seem to shift!
  • Many have lost honesty and ultimately intimacy with each other
  • Some dream of living a more tantric and conscious relationship to reignite the passion
  • Many find the same issues keep coming up with a different partner
  • Others have tried counselling and it just didn’t work
  • Some have had a partner have an affair which has broken trust
  • Finally, the major issues of JAB come up again and need to be worked on Jealousy, Abandonment, Betrayal

Testimonials from Happy Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa clients

We have been to various counsellors trying to mend our marriage. On spending a couples retreat with you here at Shunyata – we have mended the deep love that had become tarnished and recently celebrated our 20th anniversary Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Feebie & Kevin, Christchurch

Relationship Counselling

Most relationship counselling comes from the mind, and if the mind is full of fear doubt and judgement then it will never work. Also, most counselling helps you to please the other and betray yourself and this too will never work. Shunyata works on the individual first, your blocks or beliefs may be from childhood and then with the journey and the enneagram – you are then brought home to wholeness and from this place can truly, with empathy and compassion, meet the other.

Life’s stresses of making money, raising your children kills chemistry between couples. Everyone is living in the masculine domain of a life of achievement and no wonder relationships are failing. Come and find out what the true secrets are for being sexy for your man or woman on a deeper and more sustaining level.

A conscious relationship is a romantic liaison where both people feel dedicated to a sense of commitment towards growth. Most relationships are run from unconscious patterns, based on romantic pursuits, full of fear and seeking to please the other and asking the other unconsciously to provide happiness. The normal scenario is when the honeymoon is over and the relationship goes downhill. When you become conscious, you become aware of habitual, addictive, thinking and ego patterning and make a decision to take responsibility and not blame the other.

Couples Retreat

Relationships can break down when a man leaves from fear but won’t admit his fear and the woman stays longing for something to change but is too scared to leave the relationship because she is addicted to love even if it’s an untrue love. Hence no one is serving the other to rise in love and not fall. There is so much more to love beyond romantic love and at Shunyata we help you discover this.

Imagine time out for the two of you, catching up, eating beautifully prepared food looking out over the ocean, reaching a depth of intimacy that you never imagined. Imagine not carrying those hurts anymore and being truly open and honest with each other. Imagine speaking to each other, My beloved I feel your fear. Imagine sitting together in a three-course romantic dinner in sheer bliss, then after laughing together from an amazing video on true love, retiring into the gorgeous hydrotherapy bath.

Your relationship deserves this.

Spend a romantic weekend getaway or a deeper 5 days that you will never forget!

Why Paru

Paru first studied with David Deida and his partner, acknowledged as one of the most insightful and provocative spiritual teachers of our time in the area of sacred intimacy. She has done many workshops on tantra and sexual healing. With over 15 years of healing sexual blocks with craniosacral, Paru is deeply passionate about bringing couples to a place of deeper, unconditional love in their relationship.