There is nothing more resilient than the human spirit!
No one can take away your worth from you!
It’s not what happens to us in life that defines who we are, we all have a story, it’s the decisions and choices we make that defines us!
Brandon Bays from the Journey says “Everything that comes to us is a gift from god if we use it in the right way and Paru says “Do we want to grow up or grow old”.
The Sufi poet Rumi says that “Humanity is asleep”  yet in every human being exists the potential to know the true self. Someone deeply connected to their essential self experiences life without filters, and is able to be in acceptance of what is. However, due to conditioning or difficult life experiences, it is possible to lose touch with our true nature.
People go on a spiritual search because they wish to relieve the suffering they feel, to assuage their sense that life is meaningless, to tap into their longing for a connection to something bigger, to the divine. Trauma can inhibit this spiritual growth because when people encounter an experience they can’t handle, they often resort to survival instinct of fight or flee. But the truth is that any suppressed feelings or disconnection from your true nature will return at a later stage. They will not go away on their own, and this is the biggest problem.
The gift and the healing can be found when someone realizes that their suffering is a gateway to their spiritual path. If they are able to face the pain they feel then they will know the truth that spiritual work gives a deeper meaning to the trauma.In times of our greatest difficulty and suffering can be found the seeds of  spiritual opening and discovery. Our pain does not have to be something to be “dealt with” on the path to spiritual awakening: the pain can become the path itself. It is common for people who embark on a spiritual journey to find themselves encountering difficult places in themselves, along with unresolved traumas which require attention and care. If these issues are not addressed skillfully and carefully, it can result in more “stuckness,”suffering, and confusion at a time when they are seeking the pathway to true connection to the essential self. This is why the work done at Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa is called is called Journeyessence, as it leads the human back to its true nature of Love.  
Using modalities such as the “Journey” and the Enneagram, Paru helps her clients reconnect to their source, bringing them back into alignment with their true nature. The process goes beyond  meditation, positive mindset and simply healthy lifestyle changes. Through various techniques Paru is able to guide you back to the  infinite intelligence inside you. This deep healing can free you from physical illness and emotional issues such as low self-esteem, stress, anger, guilt and shame, grief, depression, panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, shutdown, abuse of all types and childhood trauma, pain and lack of confidence.  Some people think trauma is like PTSD but trauma can appear from a parent’s divorce as a child.
Using the Enneagram can help uncover patterns of unconscious behaviour that mask core wounds. With gentle yet powerful support, Paru is committed to helping people own their shadow aspects so that they do not fall into the trap of spiritual bypass. 
Paru has made it her life’s work to explore these essential topics:
• Undoing patterns of pride and arrogance
• Dealing with the self critic
• Opening to the power of a compassionate heart
• Healing guilt and shame
• Accepting and working with sexual energy
• Overcoming unworthiness
• Dismantling Tragic/romantic notions about love
• Understanding the core wound of addictive behaviour

•           What is the ego and how we identify with it
•           The power of presence for inner healing
•           What it means to have the desire to be truly free 
•           The path of endless enlightenment
•           The many faces of shame
•           The power of compassion in supporting inner opening
•           How to cultivate a love of truth
•           The ways we hide from our truth and true nature
•           The meaning of true surrender
•            How to build inner support and holding
•            The theory of holes and how suffering can be a portal
Many top leaders in the field know about trauma or know about the enneagram and spiritual growth and have never pooled them, but Paru has spent 20 years using these two modalities that truly allow for freedom.Though her inner work, Paru has come to know herself as selfless love. She looks forward to sharing the tools she has developed to help you on the amazing journey of growing up.
This work truly addresses so many things and where Paru has had the most success in the last 17 years is:
• depression
• sexual abuse
• fertility issues
• shutdown after relationship breakups
• phobias
• addictions
• low self worth
You could spend a year in counselling or come and address your issue in just 1-3 sessions
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