Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa

The unique retreat with the personal touch

A New Zealand Based Retreat

Are you sick of doing online courses in covid where you are one of many? I certainly was – so the beauty of Shunyata and NZ right now is you can come and get your issues addressed – where it’s all about you and no glove fits all, and with 30 years of experience and wisdom in the field of wellness, spirituality and health, Paru will guide you individually to achieve your goals – whatever they may be body, mind, and soul.

Come at Anytime

It will give you the chance to reset, reclaim and renew as you explore aspects yourself long forgotten or never discovered.

  • Paru travels the world and updates on cutting edge therapies for both physical and emotional healing
  • You will be here with only 1 or 2 other people so truly one on one
  • The most amazing cleanse known for thousands of years with Ayurveda healing of body, mind, soul
  • The most deeply to the core emotional healing with The Journey method and The Enneagram
  • Massage or Body Work  to die for – aromatouch, craniosacral balancing, reflexology etc
  • The Highest Vibrational Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils – Doterra Essential Oils New Zealand
  • Yoga on the deck overlooking the ocean – exquisite – even yoga teachers are envious
  • Ozone Sauna – perfect in these times for viruses.
  • Couples & Relationship Therapy beyond the mind – true love, true opening, true reconnection in these times of division.

The Purpose of a Life Crisis is to Make you Aware of the Unhealed Trauma that caused it

– MastinKipp

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.

– Hafiz of Persia

About Paru

Paru is a Kiwi returning home after travelling the world for 27 years. She learnt French and Spanish and was then a travel agent for 20 years in Australia.

She got her wake up call 20 years ago by losing custody of her child. She opened Shunyata because she would have loved a place to heal the pain and suffering she encountered and has been on a journey to this day learning everything about health, healing and spirituality full time. She has continued on her path of awakening for the last 30 years and feels totally aware to get to the core of your issue.

She did every workshop available in India and Byron Bay and taken what was natural and what worked quickly and put it into her work. She is totally aware and available for people in these times with an open heart, deep compassion from having her own issues come up and will help you in your own self discovery and awakening of your true self.

Her commitment to you is being up to date with the most advanced and innovative Health, healing & spiritual advancements worldwide and she travels often to do this.

She loves her work – what a job – helping people find their true selves!

When she’s not upgrading Shunyata in some form or other she adores cooking and travelling and is always scouting for new sometimes healthy and sometimes naughty recipes to feed you.  Her latest love is the doterra essential oils that help us overcome all the stresses of daily life.

Her Qualifications Include

  • Qualified Journey Therapist – Australian trained
  • Qualified cranio-sacral and massage therapist – Australian and Indian trained
  • Ayurvedic therapist – Indian trained
  • Yoga Teacher – Indian trained
  • Relationship counsellor – Australian trained
  • Reiki Master
  • Aromatouch – Doterra High frequency Essential Oil Massage
  • Reflexologist – Bali trained
  • Doterra Essential Oils – trained in New Zealand and Australia

Monique Witthoft

Monique balances Paru’s work as a Relaxation, Deep tissue & Aromatherapy massage therapist , a Reiki master, experienced in Chakra balancing & Energy work and is a Meditation teacher.

Here soft gentle approach to healing truly compliments Shunyata and Paru
and like Paru she is passionate about her awakening journey at these times. She is currently studying another course to assist people with clearing all that is going on right now.

Monique Witthoeft

Give Yourself a Break to Reflect, Refresh & Truly Reset Your Life

This retreat offers profound therapy for anxiety and fear, depression, addiction, pain and physical illness and relationship breakdown. We help you to open your heart because, if our hearts aren’t open, we are not experiencing the beauty of life.