Shunyata, A New Zealand Based Retreat

Shunyata mean emptiness – and when the mind is empty, clarity is found and the heart leads, and the power of love can heal

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion

– Rumi

About Shunyata

Shunyata was opened in 2005 as part of Paru’s commitment to assisting people to open their hearts and care for themselves (self-love) so that they can be present in their daily lives. She wished she had a place like this when she was going through her own journey in Byron Bay, so getting together with colleagues brainstorming – came up with a unique retreat that truly works!!!!!

17 years on this retreat has deepened in both herself and her therapies and she has continued traveling the world updating with world-class wellness & products to help you on your journey.

Finding this untouched paradise has been the best thing that has ever happened as I have traveled the world and found so many places ruined and overtaken. Even 17 years on it has just become more beautiful, as everyone comments when they come.

It has many private spaces (including our amazing yoga deck) to relax and look out at the gorgeous bay and surrounding hills, lovely wild English gardens as well as a spa bathroom, modern kitchen, private bedrooms, treatment rooms, and lounge. At Shunyata you will find uninterrupted vistas of endless ocean, mood-enhancing aromatherapy, holistic harmonizing rituals aimed at reducing stress, and delicious conscious cuisine cooked with love including healthier versions of your favorite dishes. Most of all, all facets of the mind-body approach are experienced to help rediscover your spark mentally & physically and to recentre yourself from your low-level instincts driven by survival to your higher instincts driven by the power of love. Our homes should be a safe, cozy, intimate space, offering a true home for ourselves and our loved ones. When Paru found Shunyata, she felt it brought her home to her true self. She looks forward to sharing this beautiful place with you, to assist your heart in finding its way home. If you have time to explore, there are many stunning coastal walks around Shunyata as well as three volcanic beaches just 10 minutes away. Paru also offers day excursions if you wish to get out and explore the surrounding areas. In the mornings we do yoga and the sessions and maybe a walk and the afternoons are for you to contemplate, write in your journal, sit on the deck overlooking the ocean or take a walk or sometimes we go to the gorgeous beach close by. In the evenings we do a meditation, have dinner, watch an inspirational video, and/or have a gorgeous hydrotherapy bath – but the days are sublime -A balance between doing and being, masculine and feminine.

What’s In It For You

It will give you the chance to reset, reclaim and renew as you explore aspects yourself long forgotten or never discovered.

Experience a retreat that has been specifically tailored to your goals – whether they are emotional healing, detox, heart-opening, weight loss, pampering, commencing a sugar-free diet or rekindling your relationship.

Be met uniquely where you are at in consciousness and taken deeper into your true self – so amazing for depression, trauma, anxiety, abuse, and body pain
Be nurtured, supported, and pampered – we all need this in life
Gain inspiration and insight that will transform your life and you will leave physically and emotionally cleansed, clear and connected
Become healthy and happy while experiencing a fun, delicious, and decadent food experience.
Leave with a sense of wholeness as well as wellness – true wellness
Clear Phobias and allergies all with world-class therapies

Understand mindfulness & beyond – the truth of the body & soul

Testimonials from Happy Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa clients

What a beautiful experience I had with Paru, my host. For a start, the location is in a really quiet, stop-in-time spot with a view of the ocean and boats and the garden, peaceful idyllic surroundings for a retreat.

This was the most wonderful, healing, soul-soothing retreat I’ve ever experienced! It was truly nourishing and life-changing!

Jane Doe

Give Yourself a Break at the End!

This retreat offers profound therapy for anxiety and fear, depression, addiction, pain and physical illness and relationship breakdown. We help you to open your heart because, if our hearts aren’t open, we are not experiencing the beauty of life.